13 März 2019

Kitchen radio Regent Cucina

Stereo FM Radio with RDS (87,5MHz - 108MHz)

Hands-Free Phone Function

40 FM Stations Preset

Clock With 2 Alarms

Cooking Timer Up To 300 Minutes Counter-Dow

Regent Cucina subway kitchen radio

At the touch of a button, you'll listen to your favorite music and radio stations while cooking and enjoying your food. The basic equipment also includes a radio tuner with a memory for up to 40 radio stations and LED lighting that will allow you to illuminate your work surface during cooking.

Simple assembly

Specially prepared fastening material will allow quick and easy fastening to any flat surface in your kitchen!


Do you want to stream your favorite music?

It is possible with Regent Cucina . Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to listen to music wirelessly. For playing your top culinary hits, there are two stereo speakers supported by a passive bass boost system, and the Bluetooth function allows you to use Cucina as a speakerphone, so you can receive incoming calls at any time using the built-in microphone.

Splashproof screen!

Undoubtedly, what distinguishes Regent Cucina is a waterproof display, through which you control the whole radio. During cooking, you can handle the radio receiver without any problem, and after it you clean the dirty display.

Cook with Cucina !

Setting the cooking time timer, ideally suited to baking or preparing dishes that require careful monitoring of the appropriate cooking time. Cucina also has extensive additional functions such as wake-up calls with a programmable, double alarm and snooze function as well as a sleeptimer (time switch) complete the range of device functions. The alarm signal can be selected - via radio or by sound signal.



Inputs / Outputs

1. Under-Cabinet Mounting Kit
2. Wired FM antenna
3. DC INPUT socket (for 5V 2A DC power supply)
4. Control buttons
5. Microphone
6. The setting wheel
7. Display
8. LED lamp
9. Speakers with advanced passive bass boosting system