Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Your whole world - safe, intelligent, cost- and nature friendly - in your hands.

Meet Ferguson Smart Wi-Fi Plug, the device because of which always known worries about iron left switched-on in empty house are a matter of the past. Meet the device that will prepare you a morning coffee and which will significantly reduce your energy consumption for the benefit of Nature and your pockets. Let us introduce Ferguson Smart Wi-Fi Plug - a small but packet with opportunities energy plugin.

Ferguson Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a straightforward but rich in possibilities plugin that enables or cuts off the power supply to the devices connected to it. With built-in Wi-Fi that lets you remotely connect to a plug, it is possible to control a Wi-Fi Smart Plug or entire groups of Smart Wi-Fi plugs through functional and convenient application for mobile phones and tablets.

So much in so little device!

Helpful in your house

Ferguson Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Helpful in your work

Ferguson Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Take control of the electricity in your home! Do not worry of switched-on iron or stove - launch the application and check the devices! If necessary, simply disconnect the power from the chosen device. You're the boss in your house!

Programmable timers - Run functional and comfortable mobile application thanks to which you will set in a simple manner when and what to turn on or off. The light in the aquarium is to go out on 22 and air ionizer in your child's room is to turn 23 during sleep of your greatest treasure? Plan it once and do not worry about details - Ferguson Smart Wi-Fi Plug will take care of the rest. And what next? Morning at work does not have to be tough - let before your arrival switch on heating and kettle, let it heats the water for morning coffee, let the heating warm your workplace. Things are for you, not you to them!

Who does not care about the fate of ones home, ones neighborhood, ones planet? Caring for the environment is no longer a lifestyle but a need. Let us minimize power consumption for the sake of our planet, let us turn off unneeded devices: phone chargers and laptops do not have to work all night and charge current by doing... nothing.

Electric boilers, older but efficient electric cookers that do not require replacement, electric heaters, vents or unintelligent cooling systems... Hundreds of devices around us are working inefficiently and wasting unintelligently increasingly expensive energy. Thanks to summaries generated by our application you can see how much electricity is consumed quite vainly. Invest in savings, it always pays!

  • Standard bezprzewodowy: IEEE802.11b/g/n
  • Częstotliwość pracy: pasmo ISM, 2412~2483.5MHz (w zależności od regionu/kraju)
  • Bezpieczeństwo: szyfrowanie MAC; WEP 62/128/152 bit, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WEP, TKIP
  • Napięcie: AC96V~264V (60Hz/50Hz)
  • Moc wyjściowa: MAX 3500W

Zur Erleichterungbedinung Abteilung mit Dateien, jedes der Produkte hat Unterordner wie folgt:

  • firmware - Es enthält die neueste Version der Software.Die Software wird in einem ZIP-Archiv verpackt. Sie sollten sie auspacken und folgen Sie den Anweisungen im Update enthalten. Zum Entpacken empfehlen wir ein kostenloses Programm 7-Zip zur Verfügung steht hier.
  • manuals - Es enthält Bedienungsanleitung in PDF-Dateien, die die Servicefall einen PDF-Reader zu haben. Wir empfehlen eine schnelle, kostenlose Sumatra PDF-Reader. Verfügbar hier.
  • tools - Es enthält zusätzliche Programme und Werkzeuge, um das Produkt zum Beispiel für die Einstellungen editieren, Kanälelieste, Programmierung über RS232 oder USB, usw.

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