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REGENT Radio Cucina
Radio, under-cabinet kitchen with LED lighting

At the touch of a button, you'll listen to your favorite music and radio stations while cooking and enjoying your food. The basic equipment also includes a radio tuner with a memory for up to 40 radio stations and LED lighting that will allow you to illuminate your work surface during cooking.  Undoubtedly, what distinguishes  Regent Cucina is a waterproof display that controls all the radio. You will handle the radio receiver problem, and afterwards you will clean the dirty display.

Setting the cooking time timer, ideally suited to baking or preparing dishes that require careful monitoring of the appropriate cooking time.  Cucina  also has extensive additional functions such as wake-up calls with a programmable, double alarm and snooze function as well as a sleeptimer (time switch) complete the range of the device's functions. The alarm signal can be selected - via radio or by sound signal.

Ariva 54
Tuner Satellite TV tuner

The Ariva 54 tuner is equipped with with a four-digit LED display, HDMI output and two USB 2.0 inputs.

The tuner is built on the basis of an advanced microprocessor, providing increased performance. In everyday use, this means for example: fast change of channels, support for digital audio or low power consumption in standby mode below 0.5W!
Are you worried that I will miss you favorite series? All you need to do is connect the external  memory to the USB socket  and now you can record any programs or entire seasons of your favorite series at any time! Connect the Ferguson W03 WiFi adapter (not included) to enjoy the fullness of movies and services for every mood!

REGENT i400s radio SPOTIFY
Spotify internet radio with DAB + tuner, FM, BT, Wi-fi, CD

Get to know the radio that offers full sound reception with DAB and DAB + digital radio tuners and FM tuner. Listen to thousands of Internet radio stations, use the DLNA home server, send music from mobile devices via Bluetooth ... Do you use Spotify Premium? A certified Ferguson i400s radio receiver will provide you with a much better musical experience when playing your favorite music than your smartphone. When listening to music from the Spotify application, go to the "Available devices" setting and select Ferguson i400s to make it the default player.

And all this in the perfect sound quality provided by stereo speakers with bass reflex! Available in 2 colors (walnut and black)!

Ferguson DVD-180
Full HD DVD player with subtitle and Divx support

Ferguson DVD-180 is a compact, reliable and universal player that will provide you with a unique experience while watching your favorite movies.
To ensure the highest level of reception, the player supports Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and in addition, when your material will have a lower resolution, the upscaling function will automatically increase it to a higher resolution. Ferguson DVD-180it is supplied with an ergonomic remote control adapted to the requirements of a DVD / CD player. The ergonomic arrangement of the control keys allows you to take full advantage of the device's capabilities in an easy and user-friendly way. Choosing the subtitle track, going to the main menu or choosing a movie chapter is a matter of one click. The remote control is in the palm of your hand thanks to the structure of the materials from which it was made.