Ferguson Eye Drive FHD170

Car DVR Ferguson Eye Drive FHD170 is a device focused on ease of use and quality of the recorded mterial - a device that records the audio and video of events and situations encountered while driving.

Video is recorded in Full HD resolution, that allows to record all the events on the road and also license plates of vehicles taking part in those incidents are clear and easy to read. Good quality videos can become key evidence in the insurance or any other institution demanding video confirmation of the events.

It clearly shows the faces of the drivers and participants of the accident, which is an excellent evidence in the insurance process. The camera has a classic and elegant look. Its small dimensions allow it to be attached to the windshield and even to hide it behind the rearview mirror.

The recorder has a high resolution (1920x1080p) wide-angle lens. The exceptionally sensitive matrix makes it possible to record clear movies even in low light conditions.


Classical design
The camera has a classic and elegant look. Its compact dimensions allow you to fix it on the windshield, and even hide it behind the rearview mirror. The recorder has a high resolution (1920x1080p) wide-angle lens. The use of ultra-sensitive sensor allows you to record clear video even in low light conditions.

Cyclic Recording Function
After running out of memory, the latest file is stored on the site of the oldest, which prevents the loss of current data. When you want to protect your recording from being overwritten, you only need to press the SOS button on the housing.

Auto Start Function
After starting the engine, the car device automatically turns on and starts recording. After switching off the engine of the car, the recorder automatically saves the last file and turn off.

Parking Mode
When the device senses the vibrations of a stationary vehicle (eg. when hit while parked), Automatic Parking Mode is activated and Ferguson EyeDrive FHD170 saves the picture and sound from the event.

Time-lapse Mode
In Time-lapse Mode, the movie is recorded at 1 photo/second and the playback of recorded material occurs at a speed of 30 frames per second. In this way, the recorded time can increase up to 30 times! If you use a card with a capacity of 8GB, the standard recording time closes in approx. one hour of material. Using Time-lapse Mode the recording time increases to 30 hours! Using a 32GB card in this mode allows you to get a recording of the whole week of driving! With the Time-lapse Mode, you can quickly (at 30 frames per second) playback recorded video, while maintaining continuity and transparency of the collected material.

Built-in G-Sensor
During the trip there could be various events. G-sensor can detect the event of heavy braking, bumps or at worst an accident and automatically protects against overwriting part of the film from this event.

The PC camera Function
The camera can also be used as a webcam - just connect it to your computer using the USB cable that came in the package to enjoy another function of Ferguson EyeDrive FHD170.


Car DVR recorder Ferguson EyeDrive FHD170 kit contains all the necessary accessories: car holder, car charger and USB cable.


Quality of recorded material in a day


Quality of recorded material at night

Classic and elegant look

High-resolution wide-angle lens

The use of extremely photosensitive lens allows recording even in low light conditions

Full HD resolution for video (1920x1080p, 25 frames)

Maximum resolution for pictures 5MP (2592x1944)

Display 2.7”

Viewing angle 135°

Built-in G-sensor

Built-in microphone

The motion detection function

Parking Mode

SOS key security fast recording

Auto screen dimming when not in use

Car holder included

Car charger included

USB cable included

Memory card micro SD supported up to 64GB (approx. 560 min. standard recordings)

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