New Ferguson Ariva 54!


Ariva 54 satellite tuner is a modern decoder designed to receive non-coded channels, with many functions available only in more expensive receivers.

The Ariva 54 tuner is equipped with with a clear four-digit LED display, HDMI output and two USB 2.0 inputs. The tuner is built on the basis of an advanced microprocessor, providing increased performance and stability of the device. What does this mean in our daily use Ariva 54? Starting from fast channel change, digital audio support or low power consumption in standby mode below 0.5W!

Thanks to the recording and programming function you will not miss any favorite series or movie, just plug in the external USB  memory and program  Ariva 54 at any time you want to start recording. To make the most of the tuner's functionality, connect the Ferguson W03 WiFi adapter (not included in the set) and start using the Internet applications to enjoy the fullness of movies and services for every mood!