Programmable Thermostat FS1TH

Our thermostat is a smart device that allows you, for example, to receive up-to-date weather reports and even view hourly or five-day weather forecasts. You can set a daily program to optimize the interior temperature for your daily needs and lifestyle. With iOS and Android apps, you can create advanced programs and control your home's temperature from anywhere at anytime.

It is part of the Ferguson SmartHome system. Can be used alone.



Thermostats act as indirect control devices to access the HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). The appliance does not directly heat, cool or ventilate. Controls only relays or sends a signal to activate the system.The most important function of the thermostat is to detect the room temperature and optimize the daytime temperature, as determined by the end user.The whole interface is very simple and intuitive. We can control the thermostat from the built-in front of the display. Once installed, the apps available in the Google Play store (Android) and AppSore (iOS), we will be able to control it from anywhere via a smartphone (provided Internet access). By visiting and logging in to the same account as in the thermostat, we get the ability to control the device through a web browser. The thermostat allows you to control such systems as heating, air conditioning or ventilation.

Main features:• Intuitive and simple user interface• Remote heating control behindUsing the Internet Clouds• Temperature sensor• Colorful 3.5 "LCD touch screen• Programmable LED light• Classic ceramic dial for easy operation• Can set 7-day program• Fast Wi-Fi• No batteries required• Easy to use with iOS and Android applications• Access via the internet portal• Weather forecast• One account for multiple users• Power supply 9-24V / 1.5A (AC or DC)• Easy installation in a few minutes

Free app for mobile devices

With a dedicated smartphone and tablet application (supported Android and iOS), you have full control over your temperature settings, and you can set up a weekly temperature setting program that can be customized to suit your weather forecast. User settings are also accessible via the web browser.

Download Ferguson Termostat for Android

Download Ferguson Termostat for iOS

• Screen Size: 3,5” LCD• Screen Type: Touch Screan• Battery: No battery• Power Source: 9-24V/1,5A (AC or DC)• Night Light: Programmable Warm White LED• Temperature Setting Range: 5ºC~37ºC• Temperature Accuracy: ± 1,5ºC (2 Years)• Operating Temperature: 0ºC~43ºC• Operating Humidity: <90%• WiFi Chipset: Qualcomm QCA4004X• WiFi Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)• Systems: Heat, Cool, Fan• Gross Weight: 420g• Net Weight: 170g• Package Dimensions: 215x130x45 mm• Product Dimensions: 98Hx110Wx25D mm

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