What is remote with AIR MOUSE?

Such a remote control greatly enhances the way you use your TV / tuner / mini PC. Navigating is easier, more intuitive. The remote control can replace the mouse and additionally does not need a flat substrate, the mouse works in the air. Convenient handling, there is no risk of joint injury that exists when using ordinary computer mice. The pilot works with Android.

Ferguson RCU-660 its universal remote 5 in 1.

Designed for use on televisions, amplifiers, amplifiers, BD and DVD players, CD players, burners, various STB receivers (satellite, cable, terrestrial, IPTV) and other popular devices. The remote control can control the basic functions of these devices.

Adapter Wi-Fi W03 802.11 this is a small, ultra fast N network card.

The optimized radio transmission architecture and improved bandwidth algorithm give you extreme performance. Today you can make your network even 3 times faster.

Ferguson SR300 It's a wireless remote for Android devices.

Remote - except Air Mouse - supports standard multimedia keys on Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.