28 Febbraio 2019


Sit back, relax and get carried away by the movies on Cute9 T265 with a 9-inch digital LCD screen.

You can watch your favorite DVD and XviD movies, listen to music from mp3 files, watch DVB-T/T2/H.265 terrestrial television and enjoy JPEG photos anywhere, anytime.

Among many other portable DVD players this model is distinguished by a large, 9-inch screen with a digital matrix with high resolution 800x480 (budget 7-inch players have an analog panel with a resolution of only 480x234), attached remote control, car charger, antenna and a very useful bag allowing for a simple assembly of the device in the car and also being a perfect cover.

For long journeys with children!

The unique rotating screen allows you to watch TV or DVD movies in any position. Mount Ferguson Cute9 T265 on the headrest of the car seat and enjoy a quiet journey, even with children;)

The unique rotating screen
 Headphones Included - for yours and yours companions comfort!
Battery - see your whole movie with one charge!

Irreplaceable for professional drivers - perfect companion for long journeys!

Ferguson Cute9 T265 comes with many functional accessories that allow you to use the device stationary as well as on the go.

Cute9 comes with many functional accessories:

  • charger,
  • car charger,
  • antenna for terrestrial TV reception,
  • headphones,
  • remote control,
  • bag for storing the device and for mounting of the device in the car

Take care and surprise your customers! - Cute for taxi drivers and more!

The time your clients travel can go much faster - get the unlimited entertainment from the world of cinematography.
Use the equipment as a multimedia carrier, present your own offer, use it as an advertising or information space!


Plug Cute into a large TV and start using it as a great DVD player, a handy remote control attached to the DVD will allow you to control the device remotely!

Cute9 T265 Control

Cute9 T265 accessories