Smart Home - Ferguson Smart Home

Starter Kit Ferguson Smart Home

- no cable installation
- easy configuration
- internet control and monitoring

Intelligent safety

Meet our idea of Intelligent House. See the entire line of devices that will allow you to sleep peacefully, go on vacation or simulate your presence in the house for protection against burglars. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks to dedicated mobile application for smartphones and tablets, you can remote control individual detectors, recieve alerts (eg. water damage or opening a door), recieve streaming video from attached cameras, you can also turn on and off the power from selected devices via a special programmable plug…


New products in our Smart Home

  • Intelligent Wi-Fi / Ethernet IP Video Doorphone
  • Waterproof (IP66) and dustproof
  • Night Vision - 4 LEDs, 10m backlight
  • It uploads the image directly to your smartphone or tablet
  • Main control unit Ferguson Smart Home
  • Support Wi-Fi and ZigBee
  • Signaling of the alarm state
  • Remote control of temperature via Internet Clouds
  • Ability to set 7-day program
  • Weather forecast
  • Easy to use with the application for iOS and Android

Sicurezza 24 ore

Soffia nel fischietto o premi il pulsante per 2 secondi per avviare istantaneamente la chiamata di emergenza, testo di SOS, ed email ai contatti memorizzati. Un aiuto immediato ti arriverà da amici e familiari nei momenti di bisogno!

Ferguson Smart Home Security Kit is a most needed package of sensors in every home. Thanks to the Security Kit you can always keep an eye on safety and life of your family. All components of the system interact with each other and transmit informations directly to your phone or tablet.

  • Extends ZigBee mesh range & effectivnes
  • Detects natural gas leaks
  • Delicate & luxury design
  • Detects smoke leaks
  • Emits alarm sounds, flashes with red light
  • Small size, portability, ease of installation
  • Detects CO
  • Emits alarm sounds, flashes with red light
  • Simple and easy installation, mobility
  • For indoor applications
  • Compact size
  • Stylish design
  • HD 720p resolution 
  • Easy use with mobile app
  • Streaming video to tablet/smartphone
  • For indoor applications
  • Full HD resolution
  • Pan & Tilt function
  • Two way sound
  • Easy use with mobile app
  • Streaming video to tablet/smartphone
  • For outdoor applications
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • High video quality
  • Easy use with mobile app
  • Streaming video to tablet/smartphone
  • Detects leaks & floods
  • Quick reaction
  • Discreet instalation
  • Allows you to react before damage gets serious
  • Manage remotely of your devices
  • Measures power consumption
  • Programmable timer
  • Suport devices up to max 3000W/16A
  • All your Audio and Video devices under control of one!
  • Powerful 360° infrared signaling
  • Storage of thousands of IR codes, highly compatible
  • Open / close sensor
  • Wireless technology
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Measurement of humidity and temperature
  • Graphical analysis on a smartphone
  • Modern, small and stylish design
  • Motion sensor
  • Make your home react to motion
  • Long-term work on one battery