Smart Home – Control Unit Smart Hub FS1SH

  • Main Control Unit Ferguson Smart Home
  • Support Wi-Fi and ZigBee
  • Signaling of the alarm state


Thanks to a special application for mobile devices it is possible to remotely control individual detectors, receive alerts (eg flood or open doors), receive video streaming from cameras, power on and off with a special programmable plug ...
Ferguson Smart Home will immediately inform you of the hazards, which will minimize the effects of unpleasant events to a minimum.

Wi-Fi - which allows us to connect to the system via phone, tablet, computer and configure the system according to our needs and also receive from the detectors signals about events and threats that will be detected.

ZigBee - protocol that communicates with the Smart Hub sensors that take care of your home security.

The Smart Hub also functions as an alarm siren signaling an alarm state with built-in LEDs and a loudspeaker. All these tasks meet the device's small size and modern, stylish housing.

Wireless installation, ZigBee technology

ZigBee Alliance - logo

ZigBee is a language for wireless communication between devices of everyday use, which probably are already in your home or work! The elements of our system work with components of other manufacturers, and vice versa – all thanks to a modern standard: ZigBee.


Remote control and monitoring thanks to a dedicated mobile application

SmartHome - Application

Be up to date with the state of your home! With a dedicated application you can fully handle the detectors hooked up to a central hub, you will receive information about changes in the functioning of detectors, alarms and other events that may occur in the home. You can quickly turn off unwanted alarms, call the appropriate services in the event of leakage of the gas system and so on.

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  • Working Voltage: AC100V~240V (full voltage range)
  • Average Power Consumption: <= 1.5W
  • Networking: ZigBee Ad-Hoc Networking
  • Wireless Networking Distance: <= 100 m (open area)
  • Anti-RF Interference: 80MHz-1GHz 10V/m
  • Working Temperature: -10°C - +50°C
  • Environment Humidity: <= 95%RH (no congelation)

Per facilitare supporto di sezione con i file, ciascuno dei prodotti (in base della disponibilita) ha le sottocartelle:

  • firmware - contiene la versione piu recente del software. Il software e confezionato in un archivio ZIP. Bisogna aprire il pacchetto e seguire le istruzioni di aggiornamento, contenute nell'archivio. Per decomprimere consigliamo un programma gratuito 7-Zip, disponibile qui.
  • manuals - contiene il manuale in formato PDF, Per aprirlo e necessario avere un lettore di PDF. Raccommandiamo un lettore veloce e gratuito Sumatra PDF, disponibile qui.
  • tools - contiene programmi e strumenti aggiuntivi relativi al prodotto, per modificare le impostazioni, elenchi di canali, programmazione via RS232 o USB, ecc.

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