Click2Open – gate automation system

A universal system that allows you to operate gates, doors, barriers, central locks using a smartphone and a dedicated communication module.

  • Opening and closing with the application
  • Possibility to give multiple keys
  • Access control
  • Administration panel for estate managers, developers, etc.
  • Cooperation with the Ratunek Bez Barier system
  • Usage statistics
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Click2Open is a universal system consisting of a control module installed in the device (e.g. in the automation that controls a gate / barrier, with an electromagnetic lock / electric strike) and a compatible mobile application.

One application for many devices

After installing the module and connecting it to the application, you can close and open any barrier (e.g. gate, barrier, wicket, as well as central locking in the vehicle), regardless of whether you are standing next to it or you are in another city. One application can control multiple devices.

Our universal solution allows you to control any device equipped with automatic control (intercoms, motors, actuators, electromagnetic locks, electric strikes, central locks in vehicles).

Advantages of the Click2open system

Thanks to the function of virtual keys, users can conveniently and easily share access to devices with each other. It is possible to set a period (with an accuracy of a minute) for which the selected user will be authorized to control the selected device.

Virtual keys and sharing

Application examples

Frequently asked questions

Can the application support several devices or just, for example, a gate?

The user can operate many devices at the same time, e.g. open the entrance gate and garage door. The system works with any device in which our communication module is installed.

Is the Click2open system suitable for operating a gate and barrier in front of my company?

Of course. Employees have access to the gate or barrier from the application level, and the employer has full data on employee entries and exits. He may also at any time revoke the employee’s rights, so that the unemployed person will not have access to the gate.

Do I have to stand in front of the gate or barrier to open it?

It is not necessary to be nearby to operate the firewall, the user can open it remotely, no matter where it is located. All you need is internet access on your smartphone.

Can the Click2open system be implemented in my gated community?

Yes, the system is perfect for all types of shared gates. There is no need to program hundreds of remote controls. Residents can open gates remotely, also share them with relatives and other users. Report the idea to your property manager (housing association, building administrator), let’s meet and talk about possible solutions. The system can run parallel to the existing opening system.

The price of PLN 499 includes two keys (virtual), each next one costs PLN 7/year.

The first 12 months of using the service are free, each subsequent year costs PLN 35.


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