CO Detector FS2CO

The carbon monoxide detector is a necessary device in rooms equipped with a stove, fireplace, cookers. It allows you to detect the growing concentration of carbon monoxide in a controlled room, protecting household members against poisoning.

  • It is part of the Ferguson SmartHome system. It can be used alone.
  • Detects CO
  • Used in rooms equipped with boilers and heaters
  • Simple and easy installation, mobility


CO Detector FS2CO

Smart Home 2.0 - Smart Home system

CO sensor cares about household lifes sensing the growing concentration of carbon monoxide, which is odorless and colorless gas that causes deadly poisoning. The detector should be installed in a room with a fireplace at a height of about 1,5 meters above the floor, no more than 6 m from a potential source of CO emissions. The sensor informs the residents of raising poisoning danger with howling sirens and lighting alarm.

Technical Specifications

  • Working voltage: DC3V (CR123A lithium battery)
  • Static current: <10µA
  • Alarm current: <60mA
  • Alarm sound: 85dB/1m
  • Alarm sensitivity: 30ppm, 50ppm, 100ppm, 300ppm
  • Web: ZigBee ad-hoc
  • Wireless range: < 700 m (open area)
  • Working temperature: -10°C – +50°C
  • Environmental humidity: 95%RH

Ferguson Home Mobile App

Get to know the new application for Ferguson Smart Home 2.0: the Ferguson Home mobile application designed for devices operating under the control of Android and iOS systems.

View device status, receive notifications and alerts, create advanced device usage scenarios, group your devices and have your home in your hands! Thanks to the use of advanced cloud technologies and safe data transmission, your home always remains safe and supervised.

Smart Home 2.0 - Ferguson Smart application
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