Multipurpose Sensor FS1MP

The multifunction sensor/reed switch is a small device consisting of two elements. Its task is to detect changes in the opening/closing states of doors, window sashes, wardrobes, etc.

  • It is part of the Ferguson Smart Home system. Requires the Smart Hub FS1SH to operate.
  • Open/Close sensor
  • WIreless technology
  • Small in size, quick & easy instalation


Multipurpose Sensor FS1MP

Multipurpose Sensor FS1MP

Ferguson’s Multipurpose Sensor is able to access the state of the opening/closing doors, windows, gates, garage doors (and others) and pass this information stright to you via Smart Hub. Small size and light weight, wireless communication in the ZigBee system enable very easy installation and guarantee the mobility of the sensor. The minimum energy consumption ensures operation on one battery for up to two years.

Install by yourself without a specialist. Easy and non-invasive installation on a wall, ceiling or any surface. Thanks to the system of clipped stands, the assembly of devices is very simple and quick to perform.


user manual

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