Smart Hub FS2SH

Second generation Ferguson Smart Home system control unit. It enables the devices included in the second generation Ferguson Smart Home system to exchange information and communicate with the proprietary Ferguson Cloud Services cloud, thanks to which devices can report their status to the Ferguson Smart mobile application.

Your whole house in your hands!

  • A part of the Ferguson Smart Home system
  • Home remote control center
  • Supports standards: Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Supports up to 250 simultaneously connected Zigbee and 13 Bluetooth devices
  • Built-in battery module to maintain the power supply
  • Built-in siren and LED backlight


Smart Hub FS2SH

The Smart Hub FS2SH is the heart of the entire Ferguson Smart Home system, it supervises and interprets the signals coming to it from the other sensors that make up the system. This device supports three communication protocol technologies:

Wi-Fi – thanks to which we can connect to the system using a phone, tablet, computer and configure the system according to our needs, as well as receive signals from the detectors about events and threats that will be detected.

ZigBee – a protocol by which sensors that ensure the safety of your home communicate with the Smart Hub.

Bluetooth – widely used in IoT devices, a data exchange protocol characterized by low power consumption and improved range.

Smart Hub also acts as an alarm siren signaling an alarm condition thanks to built-in LEDs and a loudspeaker. All these tasks are fulfilled by a device with a small size and a modern, stylish housing.

Smart Hub FS2SH

Technical Specifications

  • Working Voltage: AC100V~240V (full voltage range)
  • Average Power Consumption: <= 1.5W
  • Networking: ZigBee Ad-Hoc Networking
  • Wireless Networking Distance: <= 100 m (open area)
  • Anti-RF Interference: 80MHz-1GHz 10V/m
  • Working Temperature: -10°C – +50°C
  • Environment Humidity: <= 95%RH (no congelation)

Ferguson Home Mobile App

Get to know the new application for Ferguson Smart Home 2.0: the Ferguson Home mobile application designed for devices operating under the control of Android and iOS systems.

View device status, receive notifications and alerts, create advanced device usage scenarios, group your devices and have your home in your hands! Thanks to the use of advanced cloud technologies and safe data transmission, your home always remains safe and supervised.

Smart Home 2.0 - Ferguson Smart application
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