• Ferguson HearMe CD250BT - Micro System with Bluetooth, CD, MP3 and FM radio

    HearMe CD250BT

    Ferguson HearMe CD250BT ist the effect of the experience gathered on the audio market by the firm Ferguson. For a long time we studied how users nowadays listen to music, and came to the conclusion that one of the most important devices that are being used to listen to music nowadays is... the mobile phone, or rather— the mobile device. The quality of the sound those mobile devices offer, however, is unsatisfying. So how to effortlessly achieve high-quality sound from your mobile device?

    We believe we have the solution: the mini-tower Ferguson HearMe CD250BT with Bluetooth control!

  • Ferguson SR300 - wireless gyroscopic remote control for Android devices

    Ferguson SR300

    Ferguson SR300 is a wireless remote control for devices running under Android OS. Remote Control - apart from Air Mouse function - supports standard multimedia keys in the following operating systems: Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.