Smart Wi-Fi Plug FS2PG

The smart socket is an uncomplicated switch that turns on or off the power supply to the devices connected to it.

  • It is part of the Ferguson SmartHome system. Can be used alone.
  • Unique current meter function
  • Precise monitoring of energy consumption
  • Possibility to connect external devices (max. 3000W/16A)
  • Mobile management application available
  • Device control both from the level of the local Wi-Fi network and the possibility of external access
  • Possibility to control one switch using several mobile devices (smartphone/tablet PC) as well as several switches using one mobile device
  • Real-time device control (disable / enable)
  • Monitor the energy consumption of a connected external device
  • OTA (Over The Air) Update


Smart Wi-Fi Plug FS2PG

Smart Plug FS2PG

Smart Wi-Fi plug is the perfect device to control the power of devices in your home. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module, which allows remote connection to the device, it is also possible to control the operation of Smart Wi-Fi Plug or entire groups of Smart Wi-Fi Plugs using a functional and convenient application for mobile phones or tablets. The smart plug is a device thanks to which the worries about leaving the iron on will become a thing of the past, thanks to which your smart home will prepare your morning coffee and thanks to which you will significantly reduce electricity consumption for the benefit of Nature and your pocket. We are introducing to you the Smart Wi-Fi Plug – a small but powerful plug.

Simple to use. Just plug it into the socket, add it to the application and it’s ready to use!

Technical Specifications

  • Working Voltage: 100VAC~240VAC
  • Average Power Consumption: <0,5W
  • Maximum Load: 3000W
  • Measured Voltage Range: 110VAC – 240VAC
  • Measured Current Range: <16A
  • Measured Power Range: <3000W
  • Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Wireless Networking Distance: up to 100m (open space)
  • Working Environment: -10°C ~ +50°C
  • Working Humidity: ≤95%RH
  • Outline Dimensions: 79,6×67,9x72mm
  • Net. Weight: 150g
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