Smart Whistle FS1SW

A device brilliant in its simplicity, thanks to which you will take care of the safety of your loved ones.

  • Automatic call for help after whistling
  • Connectivity with iOS smartphones
  • Stylish design


Smart Whistle FS1SW

World’s Easiest Personal Safety Device

Blow the whistle or press button for 2 seconds can promptly activate your emergency calling, SOS texts, and emails to your pre-selected contacts. Immediate help from friends and families can be provided in the moment of need.

Emergency Location Tracking

Sends simple and discreet map view location tracking info in the text and email. Location info can update continuously in 2-3 mins.

Thoughtfully-designed Accessories

Stretchy strap and protective case makes WISO the perfect safety companion. Pick your favorite color to stylize your carry-on, work bag and arm band.

Ferguson Smart Whistle


  • A supported smartphone iPhone with WISO app installed and configured for most features to function.
  • Bluetooth® and location features enabled in smartphone settings. Permission of the WISO application to use location data. Otherwise contacts won’t know your location when WISO is activated.
  • A working mobile internet connection in order for the WISO app to notification contacts.
Ferguson Smart Whistle


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