We are happy to expand our Smart Home system with the successor of the existing Ferguson Smart Home system – the Ferguson Smart Home 2.0 system. In this system you will find your favorite sensors controlled by a completely new center – the Smart Hub 2 gateway allowing you to connect many more devices in many more network standards. This is a new quality, new power, newer and even more stable electronic systems.

Meet our vision of a Smart House – user-friendly, easy to use, fully accessible via a mobile application for phones and tablets. Our Smart House is to fulfill three functions:

Comfort – is to take care of your comfort, facilitate everyday tasks, save your time so that you have more of it for yourself and your interests.

Burglary protection – so that you can feel safe in your home. Smart House should protect, warn and give the possibility of immediate reaction to danger. Get to know our tool for this purpose.

Security – broadly understood safety for you and your family. The Smart House should immediately inform you about any detected dangers: gas leakage, fire or flooding. Thanks to our sensors, you will always be warned on time. Wherever you will be.

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