Motion Sensor FS1MS

The motion sensor is the basic element of anti-burglary security systems. Its task is to detect movement in the area within its field of view.

  • It is part of the Ferguson Smart Home system. Requires the Smart Hub FS1SH to operate.
  • Equipped with a highly sensitive motion sensor
  • Make your home react to motion!
  • Works many years on a single battery


Motion Sensor FS1MS

Motion Sensor FS1MS

The fully mobile motion sensor that allows you to build a whole security system that meets your expectations without the need for costly cable distribution. The small size and weight allows the deployment of the detector in the desired place in manner of just seconds. The sensitivity of the sensor and ZigBee technology guarantee the protection of your home from intruders. The energy-saving device ensures its reliable operation for many years on a single battery.


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